Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My name is Marie, and I'm a quilt-aholic.

Just a little quilty update!

For the last couple of days, whilst battling the icky fatigue monster, I've concentrated on adding to my first ever quilt, and this is how it's coming along! (See jpeg!) The middle seven hexagons are all sewn together, the outer twelve still need affixed but I'm super excited. I think I've got a decent start in two days, considering I hand stitch everything :)

I really want to make one more coordinated next time, but we'll see how this one turns out :D

I hope to get some drawing time in tomorrow, and to finish volume 4 of Prisoner Cell Block H (All hail Queen Bea!) so look out for that. Hopefully my fatigue and pain levels won't be as bad tomorrow and I'll be able to get out the house for a bit too :)

Keep crafting!



  1. Wow, you're storming ahead with that. It looks great.

  2. Hi Marie, I have awarded you a blogger award :)