Monday, 15 April 2013

Apologies, Art and April!

First of all, I'm sorry (dear blog), that I seem to have abandoned you for a while! I'll be blogging much more from now on. I'll be posting seperate entries about projects from the past few weeks, but I wanted to update you today about a project I'm doing with Hobbycraft Carlisle, at the moment.

In November, I started a huge canvas at my local HC branch. Originally, I believed it to be a line-work piece to be coloured by a Cubs group, so I grabbed a couple of black markers and began to draw. You can see the outcome of the drawing session in the first jpeg I've attached :)

I then learned that the staff at HC would prefer me to work on the canvas instead, which I wasn't too disappointed about! I decided that a mixed media outcome would be really effective and would sum up everything that Hobbycraft is about and got started. The next jpeg shows the stage that the piece was at last week - so far I've painted with acrylic paints, decopatched, collaged with tissue paper, quilled and glittered. I can't wait to see it finished! :)

Today's at-home project, after I've finished a commission I'm working on, is up-cycling a mirror I bought for £2 the other day. I'm currently in two minds whether I want to paint and decorate it, or whether I want to collage it with newspaper. I'm leaning towards the second idea, which means I'll have to get out of my onesie and go grab some newspapers!

More later :)