Sunday, 13 January 2013

Funday Sunday.

[Short post from my phone, I'm very tired!]

So, today is Sunday (says the bright spark in the corner...) and it's been a good one. Weekends spent with people you love, reading, tattooing and crafting always are!

I got to tattoo today after having to take 12 days out due to illness, and I couldn't wait to get back, I was itching to get my machine back in my hands. I've been working on a piece on my mother-in-law's (henceforth known as Mama Sooz :D) thigh for a few sessions now, and was planning on adding a couple more flowers today but we only managed one as her skin decided that bleeding all over the joint was a fun thing to do - honestly, you just can't tell some bodily organs!

I also started a calf piece on my girlfriend today, inspired by a Mehndi piece I did on her a couple of months ago that she really loved. I got the outline almost fully completed before her skin condition (I told you - some organs just don't play fair!) got the better of us. You can see a jpeg [hopefully, if my phone plays fair...) of the tattoo so far below. I'm going to do one more session doing the outline, and a couple more after that doing the colour work. We're planning on going with an autumn colour scheme, dusky oranges and reds and rich greens and browns. It'll look lovely when it's finished :)

And finally for this post, I started my very first patchwork quilt today! I've wanted to make one ever since I was a childling and, after a comment from Mama Sooz's mama, I was presented with a chuck load of material pieces from Mama Sooz to get me started - yay! I'm starting simple, with a hexagonal pattern made from triangles of matching colours, I'm really happy to have a new project to work on and it's been too long since I had a textiles project to work on just for me! Hopefully a jpeg of my handiwork will also appear... I can't wait to do more.

But for now, I must sleep. A day of sewing, drawing and obsessively watching Prisoner Cell Block H awaits tomorrow!


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